Commercial Appraisal

At A&F Real Estate Appraisal Services we take pride and work diligently to keep up with the changing marketplace to provide the best quality services and solutions for our clients, including private individuals, lenders, corporations, attorneys, REITs, government agencies, title companies, and others. Our analysts we are committed to providing high quality appraisals for such commercial and industrial property as Shopping Centers, Office & Medical Buildings, Condo Offices, Retail Stores, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Office Warehouses, Condo Warehouses, Mobile Home Parks, Golf Courses, Land Developments, Urban/Waterfront Lands, Agricultural/Raw Acreage, Marinas, Religious Facilities, Assisted Living & Educational Facilities. Our team can provide appraisals for various purposes including financing, real estate tax, estate tax, acquisition, condemnation, internal decision matters, and ad valorem tax purposes.

A&F Real Estate Appraisal Services produce real property valuations for a wide range of clients including national and regional lenders, legal professionals, brokers, buyers and sellers. We fully understand how heavily our clients rely on us for this analysis. Our real estate knowledge compliments our valuation and appraisal services, and is backed by our broad access to extensive resources. Ultimately, our team’s principle-centered, expert advice helps our clients make highly-informed decisions that increase profitability, produce greater returns on their real estate investments, and protect them from potential losses on investments or loans.

A&F Real Estate Appraisal Services is an independent property appraisal company serving Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties, South Florida. We provide the highest quality appraisals, unmatched customer service, and the lowest prices, guaranteed! Contact us to schedule your Commercial Property Appraisal. Call (305) 573-1577 of fill out our Contact Form TODAY!